A StoryMaker is a monthly partner that helps City Center empower youth to write the hope-filled story written in their hearts.


Many of our families and students face challenges that are hard to comprehend for some of us. I appreciate your interest in playing a more active role in providing home-cooked meals through our nutrition program, providing a safe space for mentorship programs for youth, and offering a food pantry and a clothing closet for our community. All of which has made a tremendous impact amid an even more challenging year considering the pandemic!

Sema-J, pictured to the right, is an excellent example of a young man who has taken action to write his story. Sema-J has been at City Center since 2017 and recently graduated from Putnam City West High School. He also plans to attend welding school to become a welder then pursue his long-term dream to go to law school. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

This new opportunity to support the mission and vision at City Center is to become a StoryMaker. The Jasco Giving Hope Foundation has been a supporter since early in the history of City Center. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for their belief in our mission and vision for Oklahoma City youth and families. In addition, the JGHF has recently committed to matching dollar for dollar every monthly donation that comes in regularly! So when you choose to become a monthly donor, a StoryMaker, your gift is DOUBLED!!!

With that said, we would love for you to join us in becoming a monthly partner, a StoryMaker. As we build this solid financial foundation, we empower families and young people to write the story written in their hearts since the beginning of time. If you would like to partner with us today, please click to donate button and take the following steps!

Thank you again for all you do to help us bring relief and restoration to lives in Oklahoma City!

Your friend,

Jed Chappell
CEO and Co-Founder - City Center